Sunday, January 8, 2012

Trash Talk

I see quite a bit of trash during my rides I'm sorry to say.

Discarded lottery tickets, furniture, cigarette butts, plastic water bottles, refundable beer and pop cans - you name it.

So much junk in fact, it makes me wonder what people are thinking.

But yesterday, while heading to the store to turn in a few cans and pick up some groceries, I spot an empty beer can in the ditch. What the hey, another ten cents in my pocket, so I set the bike down and add the can to my collection. As I hop back on my ride a motorist slows to a stop. Usually when this happens it's someone asking for directions.

A smiling woman asks if I'm picking up trash. And she wants to give me a candy bar for being a good citizen.

Somewhat embarrassed, I thank her and decline the candy bar explaining I'm just heading to the store. She smiles and waves while pulling away.

Sometimes you meet the nicest people out on the road.


Rinehart Studio said...

I assure you I'm not a robot. It's fun to see your bike in all of the photos you post.

The Masked Rider said...

Thanks RS.