Monday, July 25, 2011

A Shortcut?

The other day I found a potential shortcut.

With the help of an online satellite I spot a road that doesn't exist, despite knowing where the road supposedly ends. Or does it? Zooming in displays a path I'm not familiar with, so I just have to go see for myself.

After finding an open gate and no "NO TRESPASSING" signs, the first thing I notice is a lot of spent shotgun shells. The last thing I want to do is surprise some gun-totin' dude who's tending to his patch. I also know this is a popular hunting site, and I didn't hear any banjos playing so I relax. The only things I manage to spook are a deer, a fox, and a few turkeys along the two-mile route. It's hard to believe that this is considered a road since it's barely a path in a few areas.

As it turns out this is a legit route, so to speak. There are a few deer blinds along the way but mostly this is simply an access to farmers' fields. Not sure if it's legal, but hey, it beats riding beside a state highway.

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