Sunday, February 28, 2010

Digital Holga

So the other day my bud and favorite mountain biking pal Octavian was gloating over some new state-of-the-art fancy-schmancy camera equipment he acquired. Yep, he was really stickin' it to me, ya know, rubbing my face in his good fortune and all... Sheesh, just call him "Mr. Tact."

Sure, I was a bit envious, but truth be told he needs all the help he can get when trying to make a good photograph (kidding, kidding... heh!). So I did what any other self-respecting photographer might do to counter this so-called one-upmanship - I got myself a digitized Holga!

Ha, top that Octavian! So there.

Image © 2010, Daniel Staudacher


Octavian Cantilli said...
say it an't so!

Octavian Cantilli said...

This is what I just sent as my still portfolio for that staff job...

Dan Staudacher said...

Good to see some new images mixed in with some of my past favorites - keep it up!

re: wired link, It ain't so. I got a cool prototype that's waaaay better.